My PhD Project

Study 1

Musical emotion recognition has been studied across cultures and the universality and the cultural-specificity of this issue have both been shown in previous research. Listeners may be able to identify certain emotions in the music of different cultures, while the consistency of their recognition and how they recognise musical emotions may be different cross-culturally. Although cross-cultural musical emotion recognition has been researched between some Western and non-Western cultures, the Chinese context remains rarely-studied. To fill the gap, therefore, my PhD project will be investigating the cross-cultural musical emotion recognition between Western and Chinese contexts.


The First study of my PhD project aims to examine how Western and Chinese listeners perceive the emotions in the music from their own culture and from the other culture. We are looking for volunteers who are born and raised in Western cultural backgrounds or Chinese cultural background. If you are interested in this study, welcome to take part in our online experiment that we provide a questionnaire, which requires you to listen to 18 pieces of short musical excerpts from both Western and Chinese cultural backgrounds, and answer the subsequent questions after each music is finished. Your participation will really help with my research on cross-cultural musical emotion recognition. You will have the opportunity to be informed about the results of the study, and have the opportunity to win a £10 Amazon Voucher or equivalent cash prize. To enter the prize draw, you need to complete the questionnaire by April 19, 2021, and provide your contact information at the end of the questionnaire.

If you are interested in participating the study, you simply need to click on the link or the button below:

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